Lawrence W. Lee

All about artist Lawrence Lee and his paintings.

Lawrence's new book "A Field Guide to Dragons" is now available!

A Field Guide to Dragons

A book thirty-five years in the making...

In this delightful book, Lawrence W. Lee describes two dozen of the many dragons he has encountered in the past thirty-five years. Each dragon species is identified by scientific name, common name, and habitat, and includes notes about adaptations and personality characteristics and a beautiful, full-color illustration. This is the first book of its kind to ever receive the International Dragon Watchers Society seal of approval. It will be treasured by dragon watchers both new and experienced, and enjoyed by children of all ages.

A Field Guide to Dragons
Lawrence W Lee Painting "Hunter"
Lawrence W Lee Painting "Red Cape"
Lawrence W Lee Painting "Winter Watch"

Forty years trying to capture the faces in his dreams.


Rich history:

  • Thousands of paintings sold.
  • Hundreds of world-class private collections.
  • International corporate collections.
  • Over 30 One Man Shows.
  • Four stone lithograph limited editions.
  • Four major works in bronze.
  • A dozen posters by JCG Ltd. and others.
  • Several features in national periodicals.
  • PBS.
  • Significant museum collections.


Major exhibitions:

  • Tucson
  • Aspen
  • Paris
  • New York City
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Scottsdale
  • Sedona
  • Santa Fe
  • Las Vegas
  • Boca Raton

Lawrence Lee paintings are now available worldwide on!

Lawrence Lee at Ugallery
Lawrence Lee at Ugallery

Some people hate his work.  Others don't want to live without it.

"I can create my own reality on canvas, and give form to the spirits who live within my waking dreams. They are my fathers and mothers, my brothers and sisters, and they are my children.  They know me.  They can see things that I can barely imagine.  What are they thinking?  What is the source of their power?  What is the nature of the abyss into which they gaze?  Are those eyes looking into mine or into infinity?  They do not threaten, but watch over me.  They are my protectors.  They are archetypal connections to the magic and mystery that will always be part of my nature and the nature of all humanity.  I am only a man: helpless in the dark.  But I can feel them with me.  And they seem to know the answers to the questions I do not even know how to ask.

So beware: my paintings are confrontational, not comfortable.  Many people cannot handle the intensity of inner assessment they demand.  They require viewer participation.  Yours." 

-- Lawrence W. Lee 2014


Lawrence Lee at the easel!

Images from my current exhibition opening night.

The Preview Opening of the Lawrence W. Lee One Man Show at the Four Corners Gallery was a grand event.  Collectors flew in from as far away as Chicago to join the party and meet Lawrence.

At the Preview
Lawrence Lee with his granddaughter, Amanda.

Collectors of Lawrence Lee paintings find both strength and solace:

    • "They are the most beautiful 2 paintings ever. I am sure you know this already but I feel extremely blessed to have those paintings. They have gotten me through turmoil that one could never understand. Their strong presence in my home and the strength that they carry is unexplainable...that is why I am so very keen to have them with me always.” - G. Baker 03/23/14
    • "The new work is powerful and dynamic.  You will reap great success with this new start and you well deserve it." - W. Berlat  12/17/14 
    • "I adore your spirit and your sensitivity. You contribute so much beauty, thought and caring to our world." - E. Savage 12/17/14
    • “Each day I pray for God and my guides to help.   You paint some of those beings and you capture a whimsy I imagine.   Thank you.   Thank you.”   -   K. Kahn  01/12/15

Quoted with permission.